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Celebration of Worship – Going to ‘The Chapel’, and I’m. . .

January 9, 2012

Celebration of Worship ~ going to “The Chapel” and I’m…

What I love about my walk with God is that all too often when I go through dry seasons, God sends replenishing rains. Today’s walk, or should I say, ride, was no different.

Ever have those moments when you just ‘have to’ hear from God about the condition of your life?

En route to visit “The Chapel” in North Barrington this morning I took the long way. I was actually going to visit The Chapel in North Barrington, but I got lost. While driving my radio station was turned to Relevant Radio 950AM in Chicago. I entered into a live broadcast of a mass held by St. Francis Xavier Cathedral in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I encountered the priest beginning to administer the Eucharist and while the choir was singing in the background, the priest, who had a microphone on, had been saying “the Body of Christ”, “the Body of Christ”, “the Body of Christ”… It was as if I was hearing a beautiful orchestral piece only this was an orchestra of people receiving communion together.

This made me sad for the people who could not do as I was doing, go to church. The homebound, the elderly, the sick, the lost; but while the priest was still giving communion, the announcer came on the radio and said ever so softly, “for those unable to receive communion, please join us in prayer”.

What a beautiful conclusion to a mass which was aired by radio broadcast to the masses.

I continued to be more than a little lost, but my drive was exquisite, totally enraptured by listening to teaching on that Christian Radio Station for that hour taught me more than I’ve learned in a long time by comfortable sitting in my seat at services on the subjects of humility, justice, temperance and fortitude. I have a feeling God had me just where he wanted – even though I was lost.

More, next week, as I look forward to a visit to The Chapel in North Barrington – only this time, I’ll be going with directions in hand.

Author: Karen Frisella

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